Steven Weitzen is one of the most caring and sincere scars and disfigurement lawyers in San Diego and he’ll treat you with the respect and understanding you deserve. Dog bite cases are very traumatic experiences for any individual to go through. Being attacked and threatened by an untamed animal is something that should never happen; but when it does, you know who to call. Contact Steven’s office today, for a FREE consultation, so he can get you the proper compensation for your personal injury, if it has caused any form of pain or suffering.

Children are more likely to be the victims of a dog bite. They usually display fear when being confronted by unknown dogs; and aggressive animals can easily sense this. This makes most children an easy target for a vicious dog. Even if the dog has never been known to bite anyone before, the owner must pay for any scars and disfigurement that has occurred, resulting from their dog’s attack and bad behavior.

Steven Weitzen is an honest and successful scars and disfigurement lawyer who knows all the right questions to ask. If you want to get your desired results, fair and proper compensation, contact Steven’s office today. Owners that don’t keep their dog on a leash, when required by law, will be held responsible when you work with Steven Weitzen. He will make sure your personal injury does not go unnoticed or unrewarded.