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Have you, or anyone you know, been a victim of an unsafe or defective product accident?  If so, Steven Weitzen, a personal injury attorney in San Diego, provides a FREE consultation to discuss how he can successfully represent you.  Product liability cases happen for many reasons, so it’s important to work with someone with experience.  When you choose to work with the best in the industry, you’ll be sure to get what is rightfully owed to you.  If you have questions about product or premises liability or any other related issues; contact Steven today.

Examples of product liability cases involve lawnmowers, windows, handcarts, handrails and ladders, which can cause serious injuries, including neck injuries.  When product liability is called into question, people make the mistake of thinking it was just their bad luck.  Don’t make the same mistake.  Get informed to find out what your rights are and who is really responsible for any unsafe or defective products accidents that have occurred. 

If you’ve been to a restaurant and found or bitten into an unwanted foreign object in your food, such as glass or rocks, you may have a product liability case.  San Diego is filled with many beautiful restaurants and it’s the responsibility of the owners to make sure the dining experience is safe for everyone.  Slip and falls, due to spilled water on the floor, etc., can cause neck injuries , which is a serious cause for a premises liability case.  Contact Steven Weitzen today so he can help: 619.338.0055

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